mcg foundation funds

The Funds managed by the Foundation are listed below and separated first by school or division of MCG. Endowment funds will have fund codes between 6000 and 7399. Expendable funds will begin at 7400. If you do not see a specific fund, or if you have questions about a particular department, scholarship or research area, please contact the Foundation via e-mail or give us a call at 877-823-5501.

School of Medicine Funds

School of Dentistry Funds

School of Nursing Funds

School of Allied Health Sciences Funds

School of Graduate Studies Funds

MCG Hospitals & Clinics Funds (includes Children's Medical Center)

MCG Administrative Funds

If you would like more detail any current funds, or help with establishing a new fund, please contact the Foundation Controller, Kathryn Yates at (877) 823-5501.

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