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     The Medical College of Georgia Foundation was founded on October 19th, 1954, which represented a long-term endeavor for its principle founders, Drs. Edgar Pund and G. Lombard Kelly, who looked for a way to advance the Medical College of Georgia through private support. The first efforts to establish a foundation were fostered by Drs. Pund and Kelly in 1937 through the “Alumni Fund”. Unfortunately, it was discontinued after two years. In 1939, new effort was initiated to seek “unrestricted” support for MCG. At that time only 50% of the state’s appropriation was made available to the medical college. However, a community finding its way out of a depression and into a war had little prosperity to share. It was in the spring of 1954 that Drs. Pund and Kelly approached the Alumni Association of the Medical College of Georgia for a third time with the proposition of establishing a philanthropic foundation. At the Association’s annual meeting in Macon, Drs. Pund and Kelly were supported honorably and monetarily by MCG alums, Drs. J. C. Metts, William Barton, and Addison Simpson. After years of success and failure, the idea had enough support to take root. These distinguished alumni and university leaders recognized a need that could only be answered through philanthropic support. Acknowledging the desire of many to give back, the founders set in motion the process of engaging the very first private donors. The product of this process was the Medical College of Georgia Foundation.