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Celebrating Dr. Lois Ellison

Dr. Lois Ellison, medical historian in residence and provost emeritus, died on Saturday at the age of 95. As one of the longest serving faculty members in university history, Dr. Ellison devoted more than a half-century of service to our medical school and her beloved alma mater.

Her reputation as a tireless advocate for education and research excellence often preceded her, but for those who knew her, it was her compassionate and altruistic spirit that made her remarkable. Her devotion to the Medical College of Georgia and her steadfast commitment to medical students and faculty ensured that her influence was felt well beyond her tenure as faculty member and administrator.

Dr. Ellison is owed a great debt of gratitude ? for it was her bold determination that helped shape the institution we know today. As a 1950 graduate of MCG, Dr. Ellison established the institution?s first Cardiopulmonary Laboratory in 1956 and served as its first director. It was at this lab that the university?s first heart catheterizations and blood gases were performed. Later, Dr. Ellison would serve as provost and hospital administrator, where she championed a vision for world-class health sciences education in Augusta and later, the construction of new clinical facilities and a children?s hospital.

Her influence, however, reaches beyond geography and into the fabric of our history. Blazing a trail for women interested in science and medicine, Dr. Ellison was the first female president of the Georgia Thoracic Society and the first woman elected president of the School of Medicine Alumni Association and the Faculty Senate of the Medical College of Georgia. She was also the first woman to serve as an at-large member of Oak Ridge Associated Universities, a 15-member board of nationally recognized scientists.

Her passion for medicine was a powerful force in her marriage to Dr. Robert G. Ellison, a 1943 MCG graduate who served as chief of cardiothoracic surgery here for 32 years, and will live on in her family, which includes five sons, three of whom are physicians, and nine grandchildren.

Please join me in remembering Dr. Ellison and all of her many contributions.


Brooks A. Keel, PhD

President, Augusta University

CEO, AU Health System

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