Your Support Matters

Dr Witherington | Medical College of Georgia Foundation

Whether you create a new scholarship or support an existing one, you can choose:

MERIT BASED SCHOLARSHIPS - these help position MCG to recruit high performing scholars who are considering multiple school offers

NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS - keep MCG affordable for students by reducing indebtedness, which will allow students to maximize enrichment training opportunities

DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS - create an academic and social environment that celebrates equality and a global perspective, truly bringing the world to MCG.

You can create a named endowment in your own name or to honor or memorialize a loved one or respected colleague, with a gift of $100,000 or more (which can be pledged and paid over five years.) Example: John D. Smith, M.D. Scholarship.

Endowed scholarships grow and exist in perpetuity because these funds are invested with only a portion of the earnings distributed annually in scholarships. Endowments ensure scholarship funds are available for many future generations of aspiring physicians.

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