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Sponsor the Stethoscope They Will Always Remember

Do you remember the feeling of receiving your first stethoscope? For medical students, its often the first tangible sign that their dream of becoming a physician is coming true.

The Medical College of Georgia Alumni Association would like to ask for your help in launching a new tradition. On their first day in medical school, all 230 incoming freshmen will be presented with their very own stethoscope. Each stethoscope will be branded with the MCG logo.

With your $250 donation, you're giving them a great start in their medical career. You're showing our students that they are supported by friends, family, faculty and the entire alumni community of the Medical College of Georgia. In addition, you will have the opportunity to give your stethoscope recipient a personalized note of support.

For more information on supporting this program, please contact Ralph Alee at 706-721-7343 or via email at ralee@augusta.edu.